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Hi. This is Swetha..,, introducing you around

MyTravellingBlog was started with the intention of aggregating and syndicating travel content. Over the years we have always read some amazing stories, journeys, got exposure to rare weekend get aways etc.

But finding great reads does not happen all the time even today. It is why we came up with the idea of syndicating and aggregating travel-content from the web at one place. Meaning, if someone is wondering where to go for a holiday or what to do with that extra time abroad while on a business trip or simply planning your weekend get away!! you could look here for inputs and inspiration.

Then there are someothers of us, dreamers, MyTravellingBlog puts together for its audience some amazing, inspiring and well written stuff around Travelling.

I wish it be like a treat reading here. Of course the full stories are to be found only at the source sites, but here is where to look for a glimpse of the best!!

Happy to include you at MyTravelling Blog.com, you can add a link of ours with the below details and get in touch at the FB page for that and even otherwise always,. Thankx.

URL: http://www.mytravellingblog.com

TITLE: Travelling

Some of my travel reference resource include SouthEastAsiaTravelBlog.com

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