Buy A Search Engine Optimized Domain For Your Travelling Blog

MyTravellingBlog is a Travel Blog. Travelling can feel like yoga some times. It calms us down to listening to the sounds of our environment, getting a feel of what life is like in newer places. Travel Blogs and Travelogues are a great way to be able to share travel and related experiences and events. But Blogging is another forte in itself!

Blogs are weblogs that garner MyTravel Blog 300x225 Buy A Search Engine Optimized Domain For Your Travelling Bloge attention of reader, search engines and advertisements all for their copy righted content. The content is the product here. All the amazing travel stories, individual experiences. All the events, affair and memories as well as facts etc are all noted in Travel Blogs.

This kind of content may be of interest to millions of reader across the world,wide-web’. Yet the cold facts are unless we can have our content accessible to the world, those select reader, chances are they will not be able to find the amazing content published on your blog every other day. But this is the case only until before we optimize our blogs for search engines.

It you intend to make money as well with your blog rather than just fulfilling your creative itch then buy and host a domain with a reputed hosting company(preferable one of the best) and make sure the website is hosted in your country or locale if you intend to write local specific. Like in real world similarly in the virtual world reputation is important, at least to Google and Bing. Explains why we must LINK with the best.

Optimization for keyword and searches start with the DOMAIN NAME itself

Basically at one end are searches looks for fabulous, relevant and current content and the other side are bloggers like us who are providing it. So people are searching for whatever they are by typing KEYWORDS in a search engine like say-Google. We need to come up in the most used search engine’s page results to be discovered by our readers-searchers.

This process of optimization has started with you buying a keyword based domain like or dot ca, au etc depending on your target audience.

It your content would be interesting and useful to the entire world then go for a dot com domain. But if it is most relevant to your country or state then be most specific as it becomes clear to search engines as well that they need to rank you best locally.

This is the beginning of optimization. What starts well may sure go a long way. Keep reading here to discover the next steps to optimization.

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