Hi. I am Swetha. Here I syndicate travel content. These are pieces of content who’s original source is a different author, dot com or company.

What is Syndication.?

Web Syndication is just like what you find at http://news.google.com/ . You find bits of news that is syndicated by Google from more than 50,000 sources (across the web). To read the full piece of news however we need to go to the respective website (the legal author(s), owners) of that content.

Content can be syndicated in 3 ways:

  1. A paragraph or two (with or without picture(s))
  2. A head line-link alone
  3. The entire piece of content, with relevant links to respective sources

There are two models for content syndication:

  1. Paid content syndication
  2. Free content syndication

Benefits of content syndication:

  1. Syndication enables content creators to amortize the cost of producing content by licensing it across multiple publishers or by maximizing distribution of advertising-supported content.
  2. Maintenance of content for online audience, traffic to your website, exposure to you.
  3.  Distribution of product content (feature descriptions, images, specifications, etc.)
  4. Search Engine Optimization benefits

There are more benefits, but I thought to keep it simple.!

Myths about content syndication:

=>Duplicate content is an issue- therefore syndication is a bad idea.!

All the stuff at news.google.com is syndicated, for free or for a fee, how are we suppose to know. So if Google does it and we all love it, how come we do it and Google hates it.! Buddy that’s a myth.

=>It is Illegal. If caught there will be issues to tackle.?

If done without the consent of the original owners, it would be like stealing, taking credit for something that is not yours in the first place. There is a punishment for stealing in the real world, to control crimes like that. Similarly there can be consequences for stealing content online.

My Disclaimer/Disclosure:

  1. I only syndicate in part- a paragraph or two.
  2. I do not pay to authors for putting up their content, but promise to give them and their content great exposure, be it a single individual or an entire organization.
  3. I pitch to people every time I read some out of the world kinda content that I soooo want to share with MyTravellingBlog audience.
  4. I am in for sponsored stories.
  5. My rule is simple, if I love what I read, may be because it reads great or maybe because it is gold of a story (a personal experience, opinion, basically anything travel related) just want to syndicate GOLD-TRAVEL-GOLD here.

Why MyTravellingBlog exists.?

There are many things better written down than told. Golden words can never be repeated, but we can have them written, thank God!!

I do not travel as much but I love reading and when I do come across some amazing travel experiences, they work like yoga on my mind. They are inspiring, to go out there and live dreams.

Especially feel so when I read some travel adventures from around the web and fall in love with those stories and the way they are told.

Just like there are art lovers, I am one too. I also have a love for great stories, well told stories, I mean content.!

Why should you have your content syndicated with me.?

I am a webmaster, I want what I want, and every time I get what I want, Im like :-| I always get what I want:) ignore. . ,, but honestly..

The best part of collaborating with me is, it matters to me if work is ethical, ligit but most of all, if the partnership is working out for allll of us..,u me, readers after all its a few minutes or seconds from a life not even 100 years long.

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