Diwali in India: Let your light shine


November 4, 2013Travelling2 Comments

This 3rd of November,  crackers burst every place in India.  Lamps, lights, lanterns and all things light were out. The days and nights never look this bright or even feel this hopeful like on Diwali and the days preceding and exceeding it. It signifies illumination. This is how India celebrates the salvation of Lord Mahavir also the home coming of Lord Rama and other significance in different parts of the country. These are happy times and people around are groomed in traditional clothes, making and eating festive sweets.

01 300x273 Diwali in India: Let your light shineKarma- a Prakrit word meaning- all the good and bad that sticks to our soul, and keeps adding and subtracting according to our deeds in lives. It is a word Indian in origin. Fascinating, just like us and our lives.

Times in life when we are unhappy for something did not go the way it was anticipated to. The day of Diwali asks for our enlightenment, in understand and exhibiting tolerance towards our Karma.

I have always believed that some thought and behavior patterns in people are the same no matter which part of the world a person belongs from basically.

Diwali asks for us to learn that every living being ever has only wanted to be happy. In our quest for our own happiness we often cause miseries to others. So it is time we reminded ourselves to move towards a greater cause., it is time we moved towards peace for us and all others.

But do not expect peace from sound pollution at this time in India! It would not be possible. The celebrations extend and so does all the sharing of sweets and caring. Families are religiously involved in pujas and rituals yet again an attempt to have all wishes fulfilled.

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