MyTravel to Singapore: Travelling Singapore, Casino Win!


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Buddhism and Hinduism is the most practiced religion of the Singapura. The people of Singapore are very soft and simple by nature. They are un-interfering but warm. The country has more tourists than natives for most part of the year so the natives are probably use to it all. 12% of Singapore land is reclaimed. Event the airport which is the 3rd largest in the world lies on a reclaimed part of the country.

Asia has many big countries like China, Russia, India but the air port of Singapore is lavish. With all advances technology and amenities.  Many flights coming from the southern hemisphere of the globe take a stop at Singapore. It can take a day to see the Airport of Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands is a huge attraction. It is a treat to eyes. There is a Casino, a huge one there in Marina Bay Sands. People from different countries come to Singapore to gamble at the casinos of Singapore. However the country has some restrictions on its natives with regard to gambling. Smart move!

I won 200 dollars at the Marina Bay Sands Casino. The best part is that it was the first time we won money, all thanks to the lady luck, ‘Me’ My Travel to Singapore 300x186 MyTravel to Singapore: Travelling Singapore, Casino Win!

Many firsts.! There’s always a first time and a second and more. Not all but one of the many travels become a part of our magical memories. The country-city is a small cozy peace of land-island. A happy place for happy simple people.

Apart from the casino there are stores of the world’s best brands like Louis Vutton, Chanel, Armani etc at Marina Bay Sans. There is a laser show organised in the evenings at Marina Bay. It depicts the culture of Singapore through a small skit in the form of a beautiful love story.

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