Country: Australia

Wellington is between a magnificent harbor and rolling green hills. The picture perfect city of Wellington is amazingly compact. We can take a look at the Te Pa Museum, loads of shopping can be done, and there are more than 5000 restaurants in Wellington. This should mean than any and every cuisine is available out
Melbourne is a thickly populated city of Australia. It is a renounced place for performance based forms of art throughout the world. Another large city of Australia with world famous natural beauty, clear beaches etc. The city is booming in terms of economy, arts, technology and science. Australia’s mining and financial boom greatly impacted the
Travelling to Sydney mans travelling to the most populous city of Australia. It has a sea line, tall structures through the city, beaches, maintained landscapes etc. Within Sydney City there are many parks. The city wasthe first place of contact of the British with the continent of Australia. Sydney mostly has more Triassic rocks. The
Travelling Gold Coast in Queensland is rated as one of the most toured destinations of Queensland in the US by the online company of Adioso. Queensland has one of the world’s best theme parks called ‘The Dream World’, being one of some of the world’s most famous tourist attractions ever. Dream World has an Australia