Country: Europe

Paris is one obvious answer to one of the most romantic places ever. With its picturesque architecture, the many romantic attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Palace and gardens, the wall of ‘I love you’s’ etc, Paris is bound to remind you of the love you have always shared. Another interesting part of the city
Travelling to Istanbul in Turkey is an unique experience. For several centuries the city of Istanbul previously also known as Byzatium and Constantinople has served as the capital city of two world empires namely the Byzantium’s and the Roman Empire. It borders two continents of the world. The continents of Asia and Europe both greatly
Scotland is one of the parts of the United Kingdom. Scotland is made up of around 800 islands approximately, other than the main portion of its land, the other parts of the United Kingdom’s being Ireland and Britain. Scotland’s legal system is separately handles by the country. Scotland is a relatively smaller mass of land
England shares borders with Scotland and Wales. In the history of many countries are the English, the British who rules them. England has had a huge cultural and legal impact on to the rest of the world. England’s landscape mostly has high hills and plains. English people are mostly one Germanic tribe that settled in
The name Paris refers to the Parisii tribe that settled in Paris centuries ago. Paris would mean ‘working people’ or the craftsmen. Paris is attributed with many titles like the city of love, the city of lights etc. The climate in Paris is cool and pleasant for most part of the year, though it can
There is a famous saying about London that I quote from the internet as it is, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. For in London there is all that life can offer.” says Samuel Johnson. Not that I have been to London but I would like to believe so.
Berlin is the capital of Germany and there is no prize for guessing that. But there is one fact that I came across while reading Wikipedia and that is that a tribe that was Germanic moved to England and they are the ones that form the native English people. This happen centuries ago. Germans are
Dubai is an emirate of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai and the capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi are the only two emirates of the UAE that have critical veto power in cases of national importance. The land of Dubai is reclaimed from the sea and the desert. The city of Dubai alone hosts millions of