Country: Nepal

Travelling to Kathmandu in Nepal

Wednesday, Jan 15, 2014, by Swetha Jain

Two of the most popular religions of Kathmandu are Hinduism and Buddhism. The city is at a good height from the sea level. It is surrounded by hills which means that the landscapes are vast with natural beauty. The city and the country are rich in histories spanning thousands of years back in time. Nepal

Travelling Nepal: First Foriegn trip ever to Nepal

Wednesday, Jan 15, 2014, by Swetha Jain

By road from India we go travelling to Nepal. People are similar in looks and culture to Indians. The national language is Nepali. There are beautiful cities and hill stations at the foot hills of Himalayas. Most of the people here are followers of Hinduism and Buddhism. Here people are both Vegetarian and non-vegetarian in