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Tribal Man With Mustache: Guess Where is he from

Wednesday, Jul 23, 2014, by Prasad

Guess The Tribe and Place This Man Belongs To : I have been a little busy on personal front with limited, and chose to be away from online life for some time. But as they say blogging and social media is addictive.  So I thought of quickly posting this picture and ask you this question dear readers:  Which...
Paris is one obvious answer to one of the most romantic places ever. With its picturesque architecture, the many romantic attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Palace and gardens, the wall of ‘I love you’s’ etc, Paris is bound to remind you of the love you have always shared. Another interesting part of the city
Japanese celebrate new year upto a week and so Japan enjoys one of the lengthiest new year celebrations. The Shrine in the city Meiji  is well worth a visit. It is known as one of the country’s most popular tourist hotspots you can expect long queuing families., here. Japanese are tough yet warm. Edinburg arguably

Diwali in India: Let your light shine

Monday, Nov 04, 2013, by Swetha Jain

This 3rd of November,  crackers burst every place in India.  Lamps, lights, lanterns and all things light were out. The days and nights never look this bright or even feel this hopeful like on Diwali and the days preceding and exceeding it. It signifies illumination. This is how India celebrates the salvation of Lord Mahavir