Country: Singapore

Singapore is famous for a lot many things. There are fab night life places, various cuisine restaurants, laser shows and grand attractions. Every multi-million and billion dollar company has a set up here. One of the most appreciated attractions are the Singapore Night Safari and Universal Studio. Singapore is the only country in Asia with
Buddhism and Hinduism is the most practiced religion of the Singapura. The people of Singapore are very soft and simple by nature. They are un-interfering but warm. The country has more tourists than natives for most part of the year so the natives are probably use to it all. 12% of Singapore land is reclaimed.
Travelling to Singapore should be the perfect attractive Family holiday- Group holiday travel Destination. Merlion is the national personification of Singapore. It got independence in 1963. The country has always been a hotspot for tourism since its independence and even before so. The laws are strict, so therefore crime rate is very-low. The guides advice