Tips for travelling to Las Vegas


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Downtown hotels tend to be pricier than the strip. It is probably because that part of the city host more tourists, attractions and activity over all. Just like any other city. Temperature can sometimes be extreme in Vegas. Even in summers the nights are colder. So we can bag pack according. A mix of thick warm clothes for those used to warmer temperatures in daily lives would be must. But it is sunny as well in the day.LasVegas 300x200 Tips for travelling to Las Vegas

Vegas is actually a desert. The body needs fluids and that is especially so if you are in Los Vegas around summers. Carry a bottle of water should be a good idea. If you hire a taxi to take you some place, avoid hiring it at the airport tunnel as it gets some miles away and also resulting in a $5-$10 higher fare it that matter.

The traffic at Los Vegas can sometimes be unpredictable, walking across the strip. The hotels are large and lavish. You can go around the places nearby the hotels either by foot or by car. The Vegas Monorail is a transportation marvel!

There are many attractions in Vegas. The list could go to long to end at all. But in a jest I would say that there are some amazing restaurants to keep your stomach filled and you be high spirits. There are many casinos, and when I say casinos it is not just about gambling! It is the amazing ambience and just about anyone would have a great time out there irrespective of whether or not you gamble.

Of course Las Vegas is a lively night life, the sun goes down, down goes the heat of the desert. Then on its cool to be out there.

There are attractions for everyone. History and art lovers, people who would like to discover the culture and other who simply love to have a good time. Great many free attractions as well can be found in Las Vegas.

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