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Friday, Jul 04, 2014, by Swetha Jain

Review of CAR CONNECT Website: Sharing experiences with friends There was a time when we had a saying in India all you need is a “Roti Kapda or Makan”, meaning all you need is Bread, Clothes and a roof over your head. Well times have changed and most Indians need a Car also. For most urban middle class...

15 unusual travel quotes from unusual people

Sunday, Mar 16, 2014, by Swetha Jain

Travelling really only is another word for discovery or realization of oneself and destiny. But the fun part seems to be the journey to that destiny. There is a journey in a journey in a journey . . . every day in our lives. Some do come to an end, while others never meet their
Instagram can help you convert pictures into pieces of art. It is the’ simplest way to dramatize pictures with a social media app!! But if you want to check out some exotic destinations before getting there and capturing your own life in still images then Jetsetter is one app that will help you finalize destinations
Our most fond memories are our most enjoyable travels. Yet at times travellers can be stressed due to unexpected situations. Here are my travel app suggestions including apps that work on all android, iPhone and tablet users, so that your travels be stress free and memorable each time. 1. We all use Watsapp and viber,

Travelling to Railay and Bangkok in Thailand

Tuesday, Feb 18, 2014, by Swetha Jain

Thiland formerly known as Siam is the 50th largest country in the world in terms of area. It is one country never colonised by Europeans unlike its other Aisan counterparts. People are mostly Buddhist natives of Thai and a few Chinese.    Thiland is not a peninsula, yet it has many cities and other pieces of
Paris is one obvious answer to one of the most romantic places ever. With its picturesque architecture, the many romantic attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Palace and gardens, the wall of ‘I love you’s’ etc, Paris is bound to remind you of the love you have always shared. Another interesting part of the city
I am always coming across some amazing travel stories/posts/write-ups from other websites/blogs etc that move me to smile, laugh, they even sound intellectual some times, they are master pieces of the art of writing almost all the time. They are crisp-clear, giving readers a true picture of the essence of places being talked about. Letting
Different countries may have difference in opinion on various religions and cultures belonging to different parts of the world. Faith is something that comes to be in people with birth. But culture plays an equally important role in shaping behavioral characteristics in countries across the world. Asia mostly has a majority of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism
“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”, a quote from the man himself! Art and music often have the audacity to mirror hearts, joy and sadness, the reason why I have an entire section to discuss the world that is in different places-parts of our world. Picasso is the name of