Travelling to Berlin


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Berlin is the capital of Germany and there is no prize for guessing that. But there is one fact that I came across while reading Wikipedia and that is that a tribe that was Germanic moved to England and they are the ones that form the native English people. This happen centuries ago. Germans are exceptional in their capacity to be able to rule and that we know in the way that Hitler was able to almost rule the biggest part of the world but missed owing to the extreme conditions of the Russian lands.

Berlin is one of the most populous cites in Europe after Moscow and London. It has 5000 plus restaurants. German language is widely spoken in not just Germany but also all Europe. English, French and German seem to be most widely spoken in Europe.

The city has a rich sense of culture and art especially. Many people from different parts of the world come to live in Berlin for the vast opportunities that the city provides to these professionals. It is argued that Berlin’s night life is one of the most diverse and lively in the entire continent. Also the city is noted for its long party Travelling to Berlin

The city has a  history of gay culture. Berlin leads Europe in the many fetish festivals that are celebrated here. There are gay clubs and lesbian street festivals in Berlin-Schoneberg.

It you are a lover of performing arts then you may visit the Opera House, Berlin State Opera and the Deutsche Oper. There are quite a few Symphony orchestras in as well in Berlin.

Some of the attractions that any one travelling to Berlin cannot afford to miss will be the Museum Island, Potsdamer Platz, Brandenburg Gate, Charlottenburg Palace to list a few.

Some of the free attraction in Berlin are east side gallery Berlin, the art gallery of Hachescher Markt, Holocaust Memorial, Memorial Church in Berlin etc. All the best things in the world are for free, true in Berlin too.

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