Travelling to some free attractions of Los Vegas


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Las Vegas is famous for many things. Casinos, performing arts shows and night life being the most popular among all. But it is not like the city is not a great idea for a family or group holiday travel. In fact it has far too many attractions to make anybody’s tour memorable. In a city that is most attractive and one of the most expensive as well here are a list of some free attractions that you can visit.LasVegas 300x200 Travelling to some free attractions of Los Vegas

  1. The Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at Bellagio is full of flowers of the most unique colors you have not come across. It has flowers of every season. It is lavish and magnificent.
  2. The Circus at the Los Vegas theme part. Check out the ultimate American style to include jugglers, aerialists and clowns.
  3. On the way to the circus is a carnival located at the main casino mezzanine
  4. Casinos Gaming lessons are a must if you are new with gaming there. This is at no cost either.
  5. The Fremount street is in downtown Vegas with pedestrian promenade, retail carts, mall entertainment and Kiosks. There is a light show here that makes use of over 2 million lights! Who would want to miss this. The shows happen every hour with the last show at mid night.
  6. The Mirage’s erupting volcano is a show that starts a little before 12 every night, it is another great show at the amazing city.
  7. The show called ‘Sirens’ is a well know show depicting the battle fought in the Buccaneers Bay. It is free as well being performed every night by ace performers.
  8. It is very simple to make a candy and that is insisted upon by the Ethel M Chocolate factory. The factory can be visited for free, an amazing experience again and you walk out with some yummy chocolates samples.

We can check out these attractions in 2 to 3 days of time while also getting to enjoy the famous casinos and night life of Vegas simultaneously.


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