Travelling to London


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There is a famous saying about London that I quote from the internet as it is, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life. For in London there is all that life can offer.” says Samuel Johnson. Not that I have been to London but I would like to believe so. It is the capital of United Kingdom. UK is one of leading country in the world in many ways. London Stock Exchange’s daily turnovers can confirm.

There are 16,000 restaurants in London. Over 25 million people are travelling to London every year. Travelling with a business purpose or on a holiday but making a visit to the city.

You can either tour the entire city within a span of 4-5 days all in a rush though or decide to see one part or the best part of London. Many cities are too big are often consist of any and every attraction that one can imagine. Many other cities are popular for both historic as well as contemporary attractions and activities. And yet others are cities that have it all.

London has it all. Like many other popular cities of the world you may find here world class amusement parks, historic sites, museums, landscapes, river, sea bordering, night life, cuisines etc. Name it and you would find it.

London is a hub to vogue fashion, art and entertainment too. There are 300 plus museums in London, that is one list that you will not be able to cover up even if you do spend a month long holiday in London.

Some of the common destinations that all people travelling to London are bound to visit are the London Eye, the river Thames, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Royal Air Force Museum London, London Dungeon etc to name a few.

Some of the free attractions would be some of the cities museums and galleries, Portraits of Tudor monarchs etc

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