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Melbourne is a thickly populated city of Australia. It is a renounced place for performance based forms of art throughout the world. Another large city of Australia with world famous natural beauty, clear beaches etc. The city is booming in terms of economy, arts, technology and science.

Australia’s mining and financial boom greatly impacted the development and popularity of Melbourne. Melbourne has been consistent in maintaining a good rate of economic growth as well as employment rates.Melbourne 200x300 Travelling to Melbourne in Australia

In the south eastern part of Australia lies the city of Melbourne. The main beaches of the city of Melbourne are mostly in the suburban areas. Hence he accommodations in these areas may not always be budget friendly, but none the less lavish.

The unusual thing about Melbourne that is that it has highly changeable climates. At one side is a hot island of the city and the other side the cold ocean. This makes the city temperatures go low and high. It is generally moderate but with changeable climate.

When the population of a city keeps growing or increasing due to tourism and all other kinds of business as well as employment related opportunities, the need for housing capacities increases. Hence the prices increase.

The culture of Melbourne is international. People from different parts of the world are welcomed. These opportunities are always encouraged. Many cultural programs like the performing arts, music, film festivals etc are encouraged. There are many festivals celebrated by the city.

Stylish and Elegant, Melbourne city has great shopping sites and a flourishing culture scene. The beautifully  tended gardens andparks present a therapeutic respite from the pase of city life. Must go ahead and take a drive down the great Ocean Road andvisit victorias fine vine yards.

The Melbourne cricket ground is the perfect place for the lovers of the game of cricket in case there is a match coming up.

Some of the Free shows that can be seen would be the Signal 37 show case, Australian institute of Music open day etc.

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