Travelling to Sydney in Australia


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Travelling to Sydney mans travelling to the most populous city of Australia. It has a sea line, tall structures through the city, beaches, maintained landscapes etc. Within Sydney City there are many parks. The city wasthe first place of contact of the British with the continent of Australia. Sydney mostly has more Triassic rocks.

The average temperature of the city of Sydney would be 15 degree C. The summers can get as hot as 30 degree C at their peak and the winters may get as much as 5 degree C, low point at the most. The climate therefore is pleasant, not too warn. For people travelling from hotter regions og the world the the Saudi etc may find it cold there and can preferably carry warmer clothes.Sydney 300x199 Travelling to Sydney in Australia

The city maintains may parks and lavish spaces in the open. You may find historic architecture preserved as well as technology at its best with the most contemporary vertical structures. Wikipedia says Sydney has the largest skyline in Australia. Many of the best Australian companies have their headquarters in Sydney.

There are 5000 plus restaurants in Sydney. Every year millions of people travel to Sydney on family holidays, group holidays, business trips etc. Sydney is One of Australia’s oldest cities. It is the country capital in every sense but not in name. it is lucky to have sun shine at the beaches, dizzing skyscrapers, and endless number of shopping malls.

There are a large number of attractions that you can see in this city. The real list is longer but at least Ican name a few. Some of the places that I would like to visit in Sydney are the Circular Quay, the Opera House, the Darling Harbour, Government house etc.

There are cruises, day trips, performing arts, shows etc are all present in different parts of the city. Yet the things that Australia will always be famous for is its natural beauty.!



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